"Decadence, vulnerability and comedy have long been among the essential elements of traditional cabaret. All three and then some, are worked to full effect by the combination of Fifi L'Amour and Rodolfo Ravissant….. have a fine feel for the irreverent and a wicked sense of mischief combined with the ability to shift moods quickly from the outrageous to the reflective. It is these occasional gentler moments that give the show its edge and remind us that there is more to this oddly named couple than just another trip down the sleazy side of life." The Age, Melbourne


"This was a tour of Europe with a touch of class- with a ballad-belting bombshell who can sit on the lap of her audience without ever moving off the stage. It's a contralto voice but her range is dynamic, her presentation demands attention and she rewards you for it. Rodolfo is a master of the piano and accordion who also cleverly backgrounds improvised scenes" Hobart Herald


(Canberra Times)?


"Rodolfo Ravissant injects a great deal of musical humour at the keyboard. Many of his arrangements are grandly theatrical, providing marvellous opportunities for satiric virtuoso piano-playing and plain mad-cap fun." Australian Jewish News


"Anybody who loves classy sleaze should seek out this Australian/Dutch duo immediately. Singer Fifi, an extremely rude lady, and pianist Rodolfo are breathing new life into songs that should belong in cabaret dives but are rarely, if ever, heard in them anymore. They attack Brecht, Piaf, Dietrich, Eartha Kitt and similar material, plus gloriously tacky rewrites of standards, with enormous gusto and a total lack of inhibitions. This is especially true of Brecht songs, all too often treated with a reverance that kills them dead. Fifi just goes for them, dragging them out of the concert hall and back into the sweat, smoke and booze, where they regain all their old strength." Time Out , London




"The seductive Fifi L'Amour switches effortlessly between English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Yiddish, plays with the audience and reacts to the musical jokes from her partner, pianist Rodolfo…….Its not just her extravagant outfits: she has a spot-on voice. 'Milord' and 'La Vie en Rose' from Piaf, a couple of songs from Fiddler on the Roof and an Italian lovesong are brought enthusiastically over the footlights…….She has a clownish side but is never silly. Her Dutch repertoire is classy with songs from Shaffy, Fien de la Mar and 'Mens Durf te Leven'. When she sang 'Amsterdam Huilt' I even saw someone in front of me wipe a tear from his eye……………A stylish opera act with a naughty edge sums up the feel of the evening" NRC HANDELBLAD September 2001


"The top attraction is Fifi accompanied by Rodolfo. She comes from Australia and is blessed with a hell of a voice. She switches from clown to witch, from seductress to fragile nymph and wears extravagant self-made costumes." NOORD HOLLANDSE DAGBLAD June 2001


"The public is completely won-over by these born performers. In a huge tutu Fifi gets the public so far that they almost explode… a neat gentleman in a suit danced, sang and waved his arms about. But it never became silly or embarrassing" RESIDENCE December 2001


"Rodolfo is an all-round musical genius. Fifi is challenging, bold and direct" d'OUDE BINNENSTAD July 2001


"When she sings 'The Port of Amsterdam' you get cold shivers- likewise when she sings 'Padam Padam' GAY KRANT July 2001


"Fifi is a natural clown with huge expressive eyes and a weird collection of costumes she designs and makes herself. And the voice! With barely a slap of the thigh she switches style and language in a repertoire from Cole Porter to Ramses Shaffy." HET PAROOL June 2001


"Fifi delivers songs armed with a whip, feathers and bold look in her eye" TELEGRAAF


"She looked tough, wicked, naughty, evil, clenched her fists and laughed loudly. What a mime artist! Beside her Rodolfo with his dry sense of humour." HET PAROOL October 2003


"Rodolfo ensures there is musical support besides humour and also displays his virtuousity in solo pieces" HET PAROOL OCTOBEER 2004


"L'Amour, a small woman with an enormous voice and mime expression, brought Brecht up to date with her partner Rodolfo ravissant" HET PAROOL May 2008